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SLG Business Description
Market Position
Strengths, Core Competencies

Sierra Lending Group, LLC (the Company) is an independent mortgage conduit.

We originate and service a full line of Alt “A” and Foreign National mortgage banking products and services throughout Texas.

The Sierra mission is to serve our clients with their mortgage needs and to deliver those services with the highest standard of customer service, value, and trust.

The Company’s Principals have a proven track record in mortgage banking and real estate lending – specifically to high-net-worth foreign nationals.

The Company has established a major niche in mortgage lending. 

The primary considerations for this type of financing (other than interest rates) are the credit quality of the borrower, quality of collateral, market conditions, loan pricing, population trends, and other competitive factors. 

Based on the Company’s expertise in this area, the Company has the ability to manage risks and structure transactions involving this type of financing.

The Company’s rapid underwriting decision process, extensive network of real estate agents / mortgage originators, and excellent reputations enable the Company to quickly (and more efficiently) execute its business compared to our competition.

The Company’s Organizers have over 50 years’ collective experience in serving the Hispanic markets.

Conservative Underwriting Standards.

Ability to quickly adapt to market changes.

Management team has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the rapid changes that have occurred recently in the financial services market by recognizing opportunities / weaknesses and delivering applicable products, pricing, and underwriting guidelines.

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